Construction Blogs

A business blog is a fantastic way to keep the content on your site fresh, to share news and interesting information about your industry with protective clients, and to build your visibility online. 

The Construction Writer Inc. literally wrote the book on it. 


Digital Conversations

Tamara, the founder of The Construction Writer Inc., feels so strongly about the power of business blogging that she's written a book about it called Digital Conversations. It's currently with a publisher in Baltimore and should be published soon.  

From Scratch or With Your SEO Company

Many construction companies already employ SEO companies to do things like manage their social media and run PPC ads for them. Most of those SEO companies don't know much about construction, so even when they try, they can't write construction-focused content that is accurate, credible, and valuable for prospective and existing customers.

However, your SEO company probably already has some keywords they want to target and some locations they're trying to become more visible in. That's why we work with your existing SEO company - if you have one - to integrate their requests into your business blog.  

Don't worry if you don't have a company doing this for you though. We offer comprehensive content strategy services, too! 

Always On Time

As long-time project managers, The Construction Writer Inc. is deadline-driven. Once we've committed to your content calendar and content creation schedule, you'll always have first drafts and revisions on time, so you can always publish on time. 

If you don't already have a preferred project management tool, we'll set your project up on Asana, so we can connect, collaborate and track your business blog content easily and accurately.