Content Strategy

Imagine never having to guess how to reach your ideal customers when they're searching the internet. Or not trying to bid on the same handful of overpriced keywords everyone else in your industry is chasing.  

Our content strategy services allow you to do exactly that - putting your content in front of the exact people you want to reach, while also allowing you to scale back paid advertising spend.  


Web Writing Experience

Writing for the web is very different from writing for print. You've got more reach, you can use SEO tactics to make your content more visible, and you can talk directly to people who already want and need the products and services you're promoting. 

We've been writing for the web since 2008, and we also build and market websites online, so we don't just understand SEO and digital marketing; we've done it all ourselves. 

This means we can deliver content that is not only valuable for the people who visit your construction website; we can also ensure it's optimized for search engines. 

Scalable Services

We work with construction companies of all types and sizes, so whether you're a small contractor who is just looking to improve your online visibility or a multi-national construction software company, we have services that will work for you.  

Cut Digital Marketing Costs

One of the biggest benefits of inbound content marketing is that it makes your business more visible to people who are already looking for the products and services you offer, and that means you don't have to spend so much on paid advertising. 

In fact, content marketing has been proven, time and again, to offer the best marketing ROI for small and medium-sized businesses across all industries.