Construction is a very technical industry, and if you're not directly involved in it, you probably don't "speak construction." That's why so many great writers just can't deliver credible content for companies in the construction industry. 

No amount of research can replace real-world knowledge of construction.

That's exactly why I started The Construction Writer Inc. because I've got decades of experience in construction and as a writer. 


Construction Experience

After completing my construction studies in Cape Town, I started working as an estimator and project manager in 2001, and I've spent most of my construction career working in similar roles. Not only do I have construction training, but I have also done everything from writing bid proposals and health and safety plans to estimating multi-million dollar projects, creating and updating construction schedules, managing progress billing, handling non-conformance reports, and more. 

There's not much I haven't done in the construction world, whether it's a Gantt chart, a CAD drawing, or a notification of intent to claim. 

Professional Writing Experience

While I was working as a construction professional, I discovered an affinity for writing. I started writing bid proposals, specifications, and method statements. Then I tackled health and safety plans, quality management plans and reports. 

It didn't take too long before I realized that my professional writing experience in my job as an estimator and project manager might translate into other types of writing, and in 2008, I started working as a freelance writer. I fell in love with digital marketing, immersed myself in media, and wrote my first book, which was published by an imprint of Random/Penguin in 2012. 

I've been writing ever since, and a few years ago, I realized that there was a very real need for construction-specific writing services, and The Construction Writer Inc. was born. 


Work with a professional writer who understands how construction works.