Print Copy

Even in a digital, nearly paperless world, most construction businesses still use a variety of printed media. Maybe it's the forms your crews use on-site, or maybe you have brochures or catalogs.  

Whatever it is, if you need someone to write the words for you, The Construction Writer Inc. can help. 


We Work With Your Designer

When you're developing printed marketing materials, you will probably hire a graphic designer to create the look and layout of the piece. 

Fitting text content into the spaces they design is part art, part science, and part trial and error - but we're used to working with graphic designers, and we can get the job done. 

Get in the News

Most modern businesses avoid advertising in newspapers and magazines because they're just more expensive and less effective. However, many businesses also don't know that you can get your content published in magazines and newspapers without any cost. 

Whether it's an editorial published in a trade magazine or a press release about your new location, product or service, we can help you to write the content that gets your business in the news.