Bid Proposals

Presentation is everything, even in the construction world. A great bid proposal could be the difference between getting the job and losing to the competition. 

We've been writing bid proposals for twenty years, and we can help you create a proposal that gets the job.


Weighted Adjudication Means Marketing Matters

Most big projects these days use a weighted bid adjudication process - which means that price isn't the only factor in deciding who will get the job. 

Various factors, including experience, capacity, track record, and compliance, all factor into the final decision, and your bid proposal is the best opportunity to prove that you're the best company for the job. 

General and Bid Specific Writing Services

Very often, bid proposals require what we like to call "evergreen" content. 

These are the sections that don't change too much, even when the project changes. Things like your environmental policies and processes, your health and safety program and the resumes of key people within your organization. 

We work with companies to create their evergreen bid proposal content and then to add the unique sections on a bid-by-bid basis.  

Document Analysis and Advice

We haven't only been writing bid proposals for twenty years; we've been analyzing and estimating them for just as long. 

That means that we've got insight into the bidding process that most proposal writers just don't. We can help you to identify what matters most to your customers and to create accurate and detailed proposals that really showcase what you can do. 

We'll even let you know if we notice something you might have missed and if you need to submit an RFI.

Your Bid Information, Our Words

Even though we've bid plenty of jobs ourselves in the past, we don't create any of your bid-specific submissions. In other words, you need to complete your pricing, generate your own Gantt charts, and create the layout for your bid package. 

The Construction Writer Inc. will take care of all the writing though, so whether it's an introduction that gets their attention or putting your bullet-pointed method statement into words, we'll put the words in your mouth.