What Are Buyer Personas, and Why Do They Matter In Construction Marketing?

What Are Buyer Personas, and Why Do They Matter In Construction Marketing?

In the construction world, there's often a very clearly defined line between B2B and B2C, but there are also companies that straddle the line, providing services and products to both businesses and consumers.

No matter what type of customers you serve, knowing exactly who they are and what matters most to them is the basis of any kind of marketing you do to reach them. A buyer persona is one of the tools we use to help our clients understand their ideal customers better so they can target their marketing efforts.

What Is a Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona - or customer avatar as it's also sometimes known - is a fictional representation of your ideal customer.

Usually, buyer personas will give each avatar a name and then list their traits, pain points, and other key information. The goal is to help you understand who you are selling to a little better so that you can tailor your marketing efforts to those needs and pain points.

Do You Only Need One Buyer Persona?

No. While you can get by with only one buyer persona if you are only selling to one type of customer, but most businesses have more than one buyer persona for different types of clients.

That's simply because different things will matter to different types of people, and there's no one-size-fits-all way to market to all of them.

You can have as many or as few buyer personas as you need to identify and get to know all of your ideal target customers, and you can add more as often as you need to to ensure your marketing stays relevant and effective.

How Do You Create Buyer Personas?

When you work with a content marketing company like The Construction Writer Inc., creating buyer personas is one of the services we offer. We work with clients who still need to do this step to identify who they are trying to reach so we can create a content strategy that does just that.

However, you can also create buyer personas yourself if you prefer. We've created a buyer persona worksheet and this short video about how to use it to help you get started.

Download Our Buyer Persona Worksheet Here